The Solution We Hope to Provide


If you live on Orcas Island, you have experience slow internet speed, lack of security, high costs and unexpected fees in addition to (fill this in C.J.)

Reference from the internet. We moved here in 2010 and immediately understood that with reliable high speed internet, life would be more convenient all around. Additionally, although excellent Internet Providers exist here on Orcas (link to Orcas Online), those businesses and others are at the mercy of corporate monopolies that provide service to the island and maintain a higher than needed cost, sub par customer service and virtually no other options. Additionally, those excellent providers that do exist can not cover all locations.


We are endevouring to address these issues offer network access by providing direct backbone access to the Internet. What does that mean? It means you will experience less ads, less filtering and more security and privacy. It means the speed of our service will increase as we add customers and additional support. It means the cost of internet will decrease as competition is introduced back into our ecosystem.


We are in our infancy in this goal and just hatched sort of speak. (Picture of egg in the corner hatching...) We are hoping to grow our business into a thriving success and offer excellent service at the same time. We also will be offering farm fresh eggs.


How to Benefit Now


Picture of the map with nodes... asking folks who live in that area to either lease or give us space for equipment. Until we have our equipment installed and have created the infrastructure required, our service will be free or of little cost in these locations. You are encouraged to keep your existing service until we give you the thumbs up.


What  Collier Technology Needs Now


We need additional locations for our equipment.

We need people with these skills - fill in

We would love to speak with folks interested in investing in our infrastructure.

We are looking for Business Administrators and those interested in partnering up with us and doing the things we suck at.




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